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Illegibilus - Jacques Clarke by Rizei Illegibilus - Jacques Clarke by Rizei

Oh well, here goes my app for :iconillegibilus: .... ^  ^"

Hope I didn't miss out anything...

Edit:: Am In! >w<

Exams just finished and I had the itch... Now I just have to work on that age meme and some tasks... >_>

Name: Jacques Clarke

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Height: 5’6’’

Weight: 125lbs

Birthday: July 10th

Nationality: British(Irish-French Descent)

House: Ravenclaw

Year: 3rd Year



 -   Open-minded    -    Dense    -   Friendly   -   Passive   -   Relaxed    - 

  Jacques, at first glance, seems like the sort of person who goes through life at his own pace. He never seems to have any major personal problems to worry about. If he did, he keeps its presence hidden well.

  Jacques can come off as an “air-head”, having the tendency to drift off in his own thoughts if he finds himself uninterested in the conversation topic. He has a short attention span when it comes to things that he doesn’t enjoy. As such, he’s often not done well in classes which subtopics may have lost his interest. Jacques’s tendency to drift off in his thoughts has also led him to misplace and forget certain things like required items for classes, memos, chores, etc. Often, he would forget to do something that was requested of him even if he had been reminded more than necessary. Although he is the elder of two children, Jacques lacks discipline and responsibility. While he does have a sense of responsibility, he is hopeless when it comes to remembering dates, names, and important events. However, when it comes to things he likes, he can get rather absorbed to the point he’s almost deaf. 

  A young boy of 13 that is far from naïve. Although his air-headed tendency to drift off on his own and scatter brain doesn’t make him seem so, he can be pretty observant. Jacques, although could use a lil more empathy towards other’s feelings, has a good amount of sensitivity to know when or not to say certain things. He isn’t, however, good with providing comfort (at most. He lends out a listening ear) and may panic if one were to break into tears or seek him out for help towards their troubles.

  Jacques was never sure of why he was placed in ravenclaw. Although he guessed it may have had to do with his like of observing and learning of certain things, he was never good with puzzles and things he never found interesting. He would often take hours to complete(or avoid) tasks that he couldn’t see the light in. This contributed to his dislike of the ravenclaw eagle knocker which constantly gives a new riddle each time one’s been answered. He never had an affinity with riddles, thus has had to wait outside the common room for someone else pretty often. During his first year, he had arrived at the knocker a lil past curfew more than once and had spent a few nights outside. During his second and third years, he had taken to the habit of waiting by the ravenclaw’s common room entrance early with a book or homework.

  Jacques does not handle stress well. In fact, the reason for his calm laid-back-ness is due to him trying not to gain stress. When put under stress or pressure, Jacques can get pretty touchy or sharp with his comments, often saying things that he doesn’t mean. Passive, Jacques will not, however, resort to unnecessary violence and prefers not to engage in confrontation altogether. As such, spells that he has mastered lean towards protection and less towards harm.



  Jacques had spent his childhood in a small house in the countryside of Kent. Although the Clarke’s owned a small house, they were indeed quite wealthy, having saved up over the years of being practical with their money (which were mostly controlled by his mother). His mother earned most of the income as a potioneer. A workaholic, she could never feel comfortable with nothing on her hands. Jacques’s father had irregular work hours due to his job as a freelancing journalist. Thus, Jacques had spent more time with his father than his mother as a child and felt closer to him.

  Jacques’s relationship with his younger brother, Joseph, was pretty normal. Like any other pair of siblings, they made huge arguments on the smallest insignificant things and quickly made up only hours later only to compete on the most random things and fought again.

  Blessed with the access to the large outdoors, he spent most of his time out. Not to run around and play with other kids but rather to observe anything he could find. Often, he would follow ant trails and small creatures if he could keep up with them. Unfortunately, when he was nine, Jacques had unknowingly trespassed on someone’s land and ran into some guard dogs. He was chased for a while and forced up a tree for close to two hours before the owner had found him and called the dogs off. This resulted in a trauma against animals.

  Jacques’s first year at Hogwarts was hard because of the fact that pets were allowed. It was hard for him to adjust to sleeping in a room with three others when one of them had a cat. It took a while for him to get used to that one cat and finally sleep well. He was also pretty forgetful and got lost pretty often  within the castle. He spent most of the year trying to prove(to himself) that he was fit for ravenclaw, since he didn't know why he'd been placed in the house.

  His second year was a little more relaxed. He got lost less often and a bit more sleep despite his roommate's feline pet. It would be a lie to say that he did well in all his classes, but he still hadn't let go of the stereotypical rule that ravenclaws needed to excel in all their subjects. He mostly kept to himself and the library during this time.

 In the present, he doesn't mind being in the same room as an animal, as long as they don’t get too close. Unless of course, said animal is a canine... He's gotten less worried over the fact that he's in ravenclaw, in fact he's much too "relaxed". His grades in classes suffer from time to time, when he isn't interested in the current area of the subject. He's got a great liking for Ancient Runes and Charms.


Elle Deniau(40) – Mother, witch. Alive.

Gerrett Clarke(42) - Father, squib. Alive

Joseph Clarke(10) - younger brother, wizard. Alive.


Likes & Dislikes:

+ History.
+ Sweet Foods.
+ Ghosts.
+ Figuring out how things work, especially minds.

-  (Or rather scared of) Furry, clawed and fanged animals. 
-  Spicy Foods.
- The eagle door knocker outside the Ravenclaw common room.
-  Impatience and being rushed into doing something.


Elective Classes:

.Study of Ancient Runes


Extra Curricular:

.Ancient Studies
.Earth Magic



Finite – Counters a spell as it is being cast, or cancels an ongoing magical effect.

Protego – Creates a shield from the caster's wand which deflects jinxes, hexes, and curses.

Rictusempra – Tickling Charm. The victim experiences tickling sensations all over the body, a very distracting condition.


Wand Ingredients

Core: Unicorn Hair

Length: Thirteen and a quarter

Wood: Sycamore

Flexibility:  Quite Bendy


Pet (Optional) – None.


Melody Night - She's pretty nice and sweet, considered friends.

Averia Faulkner - Classmates since they were first years. Got locked out of the common room together, a pretty cool level-headed close friend. 

Hannah Edeson - Senior ravenclaw who had treated him to lovely brownies and curry. Got him thinking about cooking. 

Vincent Leonhardt - A senior slytherin that he apparently owes a book to Hopefully he remembers.... Calls him Big Brother Vincent for confidential reasons//hit.

Skyler Smith - Hufflepuff friend! She seems pretty nice though most of their interactions are pretty quiet. 

Hamish Scottie Mathieson - Senior Hufflepuff friend. Accidentally drenched him with Aguamenti.

Achievements :

Blood Moon Badge

Finis Badge

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